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ATS Euromaster is the British affiliate of the European tyre service provider Euromaster. ATS Euromaster was established in 1965, and has a network of over three hundred service centres in the United Kingdom; with centre locations throughout the United Kingdom. ATS' Business Branch operates both in centre and mobile, with a number of centres being equipped for car and Van MOTs and Servicing.

Davin Mullen mentioned "I'd like to express my utter disappointment at the ATS Euromaster Burnley branch. I booked, and more crucially paid for 4 tyres to be fit this morning at 0830 hours. The day before fitting I received a missed call from an unknown number. I didn't recognise it so I didn't ring it back, thinking if it was important they would ring back or at the very least leave a voicemail. As it turns out it was very important, as it was the Burnley branch ringing to say that they can't get my tyres. Obviously this wasn't important to the Burnley branch as they told my wife when she went to drop my car off the morning of fitting . It's not just a case of the tyres being delayed, apparently they can't get them full stop. The phone call that wasn't too important was to tell me they could get other tyres, but because I didn't ring them back they didn't bother doing anything else about it. Why are you advertising tyres for sale when according to the Burnley branch you don't actually have them? I am expecting a call from the Burnley branch manager, but based on my experience I'm not holding my breath. Mistakes happen, I understand that, but this is falling more into incompetence. I finally contacted the branch 6 hours after the manager started who basically blamed it on head office. Amazingly as I rung him, he was just about to ring me. I'm not sure i believe him. In fact I honestly do not believe him. He told me he was refunding my money and told me it would take 3 days or so. Until I reminded him it was a bank holiday weekend, Friday and Monday. His response? OH. What an absolutely useless company. And one I will NEVER use again."


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Former Employee - Project Manager says

"Only profitable 2 years in ~40 years (but funded by Michelin high profits) Poor employee recognition leading to high employee turnover Complex organisation"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Management doesn't always see the effort put in, to actually reward their employees"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Promoting immature managers from France, without experience or people skills that take everything personally and disrespect their employees"


"Poor culture, low cost wok labor, very low quality of management, low payment options, company not profitable"

Mobile service technician (Former Employee) says

"Management dont have a clue and just throw each other under the bus.Soon as you make the smallest mistake you get disciplinary and Management seem to earn brownie points from that.Overall it is the worst place I have ever worked Most colleagues are genuinely alright but there's the bad apples who like to back stab NothingEverything"

Assistant Manger (Former Employee) says

"Under paid even when fully qualified stressfull target driven or no bonus no help from Area managers or higher, expected to fleece customers for everything you canNoneWorking for ats"

MOT Tester/Technician (Former Employee) says

"Put your heart and sole into a company to get crapped on is in real 2 years to bring a centre to its peak and one of the best preforming centres in Scotland manger is a complete w**nker staff are back stabbingNoneWork you to the bone"

Technician (Former Employee) says

"I got turned down for a mangers job for someone who doesn't even know the motor trade. How pathetic. Anyways I've worked with ATS for 8 years. Good job I left. The company have no clue. I'm sure they'll mess up real good soon. Plenty of snakes. Management are useless.Free trainingEverything"

Manager (Former Employee) says

"Poor Area management. Insist on upselling regardless if client requires it or not. All about selling extras, would not recommend ATS to consumers or employees. Under staffed in all centres. Poor management and staff training.NoneTo many."

Trainee (Former Employee) says

"It was a very stressful environment, abuse in the workshop no formal communication from my line managers covering the centre. The HR were useless did not even informed my temporarily manager that I was coming back due to sickness about a month. All they want is to charge customers for work that it does not need doing. Stay away from this difunctional company not worth it.Bad, nothing good about the companyBad cons they will charge you money if you dont return back the work clothes"

Commercial Tyre Fitter (Former Employee) says

"management was a joke lying two faced arrogant want you to work yourself to death and then moan about it regional bloke was even worse wouldnt advise an enemy to work there let alone a friend worst place anyone could work discimanate untrust worthy"

Fitter and inspectot (Former Employee) says

"They don’t listen wile your there why would they listen now Senior management corrupt back stabbed looking after their own skin thought it would get better with t t but still the same"

Centre Manager (Former Employee) says

"I managed a centre for 6 years and during this time all we got from above was daily telling a off and zero support Total lack of investment in infrastructure and people The best thing I ever did was leave"

Customer Response Team Advisor (Former Employee) says

"Horrible ompany. Show respect treated like dirt watched all the time wages rap for shifts worked manager's all bullies proving they are all insecure in themselves basically hesd office people are up their own backsides why because they would not be tolerated to work any where else. Directors on other hand O. K I"

Technician (Former Employee) says

"Worked for ATS for over 10 years straight out of school, it’s the only job I ever knew, luckily long servers seem to be getting forced out and thank god I was... the grass really is greener. If you would like to work for a company where anyone with a “manager” title can play with your life like a cruel god, then this definitely is the place for you! You are literally scum of the earth, I have worked with some brilliant lads, but get moved to a centre you don’t want to work at and that is not even that local then watch your back there are snakes everywhere. Mentally ruins you this company, I don’t think I will ever forget what I went through, luckily I have a fantastic family and brilliant new career.Floor LadsBox isn’t big enough"

Hub administrator (Former Employee) says

"This was a horrendous place to work. I was bullied out of my job. The manager was terrible to work for him and his wife who was also a hub administrator would often turn up at 11am without cause. I couldn't say anything as it was his wife and I know other members of staff felt the same but couldn't say a thing or risk losing there jobs. It was a terrible place to work. It a a shame as some of the lads downstairs on the shop floor were really good lads and deserve a better treatment. Terrible work environment with a terrible manager who constantly flagged off all other staff members for no good reason. This hub opened with no phone lines in place making it almost impossible to complete the job role. The wage was appalling for the job and there were no prospects at all. Don't waste your timeLads on the floorEverything else"

add rather not say (Current Employee) says

"Not a very good company to work for ,,,managers from super markets are running this , they have never worked in the motor trade and they are destroying the business . Michelin should pull the plug on this and save their name .No sence of direction of directionnothing, rubbish company to work for and no sense of directionto manny"

Centre Operations Manager (Former Employee) says

"I managed 3 months and walked as a Centre operations Manager. There is no support from Your direct Managers, the ethics are appalling. The staff don’t care less and there’s more lose wheel incidents than I’ve ever Come across with no QC checks at all. I ended up Depressed after 3 Months.... go somewhere else as they will drain You very quickly.NoneEvery part of the Company"

Assistant Manager (Current Employee) says

"Worked for 8 years for this crowd. The management is nothing more than the muppet show constant changes with no sense direction or understanding. If your a manager is a great place for you to play god with peoples lives. Its no longer a place for a good career more like slave Labour. Head office is full of people that have no experience or understanding of the business regarding its customers needs. As i said if you work for ATS your working for nothing.... just a bad back and poor mental health.good tools to work withtoo many to list"

Technician (Current Employee) says

"It doesnt matter how long you have worked here. they will just get rid of you if your down the bottom fitter, mot , manager. they either bully you out or find excuses to get rid of you. the past couple of years the company had gone so down hill, getting rid of the best techs, the best managers, many centres have lost fitters because the company are just getting rid of them. current employees are made to do 10 times the work when we need that extra staff. hence why we arent making money because everyone is exhausted. company says not making money, well stop sacking the best fitters and managers, how about looking into the higher up people who dont know how to do their jobs and stop making the workers suffer? because the fitters they work their guts out with no breaks , no over time pay, no time given back when over time has been done, you expected to work over time and no pay. fitters are real people too with peoples lives being messed around because they getting sacked for none of their own fault. used to be a good company to work for , company gone down hill now. like people have commented time to move on to jobs that care for their employeesnone any morethe whole company cons the employees"

Fitter (Current Employee) says

"I have word for ATS for some time used to great then thay started to bring people in ie new managers from company s that that know nothing about customer care or about tyres’s a diffent ball game dut thay don’t see it alway saying to customer we will get there when do or we have no. staff as usual..thay stop you pay by you BFI score one sick day was down to hurting my self work ..then I was I hospital for to weeks ..yes thay stopped my money ..but when thay want to .. which I have seen thay let people off ..from stopping there pay by letting them work to make up for it..but that’s only if your face fits..don’t care about you have giving them of hard work and loyalty ..its only getting worse we can’t all be wrong or bitter.."

Motor Vehicle Technician (Current Employee) says

"worked for ats for over 10 years and for the last two years the company management seem to have turned in to bullying morons the motto is in good hands what a joke !!!!!!customers and centre staff just dont matter to them. they are taking on people that have been sacked in the past for being useless and employing people that really hav'nt got a clue all whilst bullying long serving quality technitions out of a job and so ats days are numbered even the last two ceo's have done a runner back to france. customers and staff deserve better than this broken joke of a sunday opening yet !!!!!!!!!total miss management"

Motor Vehicle Technician (Current Employee) says

"When I first joined the company, I was proud, I thought it was a brilliant company. Pay was awful when I started but I got 3 pay rises because of the government bringing up National minimum wage. Still it isn’t enough to live on but I enjoy the job. The company pays for training, fuel to training centres and hotels, they also give you food allowance. Great right?! No. The years went by, staffing issues had always been a problem, with centres having to borrow other employees out of other centres to cover holidays or sickness in centres. Which means leaving another centre a man down. ( it’s not difficult to employ a few floating staff who can do the whole job) without having to take people from other centres. I thought sick pay was great when I finally became so ill from working 10 hours no lunch breaks, and being over worked with an abusive centre manager running the centre. I was told I wouldn’t receive sick pay due to my manager telling me to come into work when I was still so ill from exhaustion I barely made it through the day and had to have another month off work... even though I had already had five days off I tried to carry on because of the abuse from my manager telling me he wasn’t having a day off because I was sick and that it was my fault he missed out on so many things back at home. ( that’s a company issue with staffing, not my fault). You never get a lunch break. Even though in the contract it states you are allowed an hour. Pay is awful for all the extra work they have put onto us with the same amount of staff. The company wants more and more and the bonus isn’tTraining is paid for including hotels, fuel and food. Some good staff in the tech areas.You’re just a number, employees are not cared about, pay is awful, barely get a home life, they don’t pay overtime, management"

Tyre Fitter (Former Employee) says

"No tools no respect work all hour and thay never pay your over time 3 days thay owe me 5 mouth latter still ant been paid stay away better places out.You go home some timeAnt nun shix"

Employee says

"Not good "

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